touch anywhere
(will sound)
hold and move around

This audio project enables experimenting mixing different kinds of sounds (natural, urban, people, ...etc.) which we don't usually encounter at the same time, within the same environment. How do we feel if we hear emergency room sounds with ocean wave sounds at the same time? Café and ambulance? thunderstorms and cicadas? What about all of them?

Sound Sources
This project uses sounds from: Airborne Sound, Justine Angus & 2, Charlie Atanasyan, Big Room Sound & 2, Tom Hutchings, John Leonard, Noiselab, Kai Paquin, SFX Bible & 2, soundpilot, Roland Stähle, willswills

Having issues? Looking for source code? Check out this project at GitHub.

ambient-sound-mix © 2017 by Mnjul/purincess (Min-Zhong Lu)